Mono Stringer Steel Staircase 
    Mono stringer stairs (central beam stairs) is the simplest stairs design except cantilever stairs, which need housed stringer.
    It brings the least budget on stairs and neatest looking & feeling.
    Nevertheless, the mono stringer stringer staircase does not compromise on range of application. It even can be easier to be made into different shape layout.
    The layout can be  Straight stairs,
                    L shape stairs with quarter turn,
                    U shape stairs with half turn,
                    circular stairs or curved stairs with tapered treads
                    Spiral stairs with R series design.

    Customized  (Width 500~1100mm)

    And the central stringer staircase can also go with Glass treads and Wood treads.

    The mono stringer staircase we make include C series, F series, R series.
    Central beam of C and F series stairs is one whole piece each flight.
    Central stringer of R series is modular kits (metal sleeves).

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